The Source at the Summit

We’re recruiting for the Celebration of Mass at the Summit of Mt. Everest – May 13, 2021

Mountains have always played an important role in Scripture. From Moses and the Ten Commandments to the Transfiguration the ascent to the top of a mountain has deep spiritual meanings. We’re recruiting for a team to be a part of multi-part documentary series that will culminate with the Celebration of Holy Mass at the Summit of Mt. Everest.

The documentary will cover the year of physical and spiritual training that will be necessary to accomplish this once in a lifetime event. We’re looking for a few good priests and a support team of climbers, cameramen and tech-savvy types who are willing undertake this incredible adventure.


  • A passionate commitment to evangelization.
  • A willingness and ability to participate in extensive physical training.
  • A willingness to assist in fundraising.
  • The ability to commit to three months for the journey to the final ascent.

 The purpose of the mission is to capture the attention of those who would be otherwise beyond the reach of more traditional means of evangelization and present the faith in through this adventure. Please inquire at:

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please inquire at:

Photo Credit: @martin.jernberg /// Instagram