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Thanks for visiting the new site. I’ve been working as a photojournalist and creative director since 2004 for with a specific focus on the Catholic Church, her mission and surrounding issues. The richness and diversity of the church is unparalleled with its global scale and 2000 year history.

The photograph remains the single most immediate way to communicate complex ideas and emotions. They’re portable across print and digital, require no translation and speak naturally to the very heart of the viewer.

The world is full of stories of heroic Faith and boundless hope that remain in the shadows…if you know of one, please reach out 🙂 2019 has been an exciting year of new undertakings; from the drone work, the incredible opportunities to work with a wide variety of religious Orders to the launch of the new YouTube Channel in September 2020! In the meantime, please take a peek around. , if you would like to discuss a possible assignment or project I can be reached at

God Bless and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support! Jeff

The Adventurer’s Holy Land – Jordan

Brand Identity, Drone Video, Photography, Travel

St. Mother Teresa’s Calcutta

Photojournalism, Travel

A View from the Skies

Drone, Drone Video, Travel

The Source at the Summit


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