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Compelling images  will propel your message in a way no other media can. They're portable across print and digital, require no translation.


Be Seen.

Show don't tell... From vocations, to fundraising to evangelization nothing conveys a message faster or more completely than an image.


Be felt.

To speak about caring isn’t the same as showing care…as to speak of a beautiful location isn’t the same as to showing it. 


Be successful.

Images connect people to you. They are the first impression of who you are, what you do and what your values are.


An image can haunt, inspire and move a person’s heart to reflection and even action.

The images of the past, paintings of the great masters, the Iconic Image of the Merciful Heart of Jesus, and even the Blessed Mother’s image to the world of Our Lady of Guadalupe continue to convert the hearts, minds and souls of those who view them.

Proving once again that an image change can a life.

Evangelization through imagery has never been more critical than it is today. And the platforms to project them throughout the culture, to all ages and backgrounds has never been more available.

An image can show Faith, show Mercy, show Charity, show love and hope…in an instant, without words.

Please reach out to discuss any photo stories or assignments that you think we can work together on!


I offer both remote and onsite workshops for individuals and organizations who are ready to take their understanding of effectively capturing, managing and presenting imagery . Subjects include:

  • The Art of Photographing the Sacraments.
  • Selecting images that create maximum engagement.
  • Strategies for rapidly building your Social Media Presence.
  • Newsroom Image Management and Workflow.
  • Understanding Copyright and Compliance Standards.
  • Essential Photography for Reporters.
  • Best practices for image presentation on websites.
  • Mobile first website design.
  • How to develop a Style Guide for creating a consistent look.
  • The Physiological Effects of Imagery. 
  • Instagram Evangelization.
  • Using Drones to Create Epic Imagery.

And much more…


For many people, the best way to learn is by doing things hands-on. You can join me in New York City for a day covering an actual assignment and see what being a photojournalist is really like. You’ll learn what to carry, how to shoot events to tell a story and at the end of the day take home a (hopefully) great experience, a first hand look at the craft, and some pictures for your portfolio.You can bring your own gear, or gear can be rented for the day. 



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